Today, schools face unprecedented safety and security threats, including theft, violence, fires, intruders, and other natural disasters.  Such risks make it essential for school districts to remain vigilant in assessing their risk profile and implementing physical security solutions that take advantage of the latest advances in security, construction, technological tools, safety protocols and emergency preparedness. High-profile tragedies, such as the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, and the tornadoes in Moore, OK remind us: we have a mostly unmet critical need, as well as a moral imperative, to improve students’ security and safety as a key part of a successful education.

The Secure Schools Alliance is taking a leadership role in launching a national conversation about the issue of school safety and advocating a course of action for addressing it.  This convening of education, industry, public safety, law enforcement, corporate and community leaders will work together to ensure the security of our nation’s schools through research, pilot programs, the promotion of best practices, and the raising of funds.

The Secure Schools Alliance, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, is working to implement this vision with partner organizations. Success of the Alliance requires participation and collaboration from experts in education and industry, as well as socially responsible corporations.  The SSA invites like-minded corporations and groups to be an integral part of its strategic development and governing structure, through participation in the alliance on the Board of Directors, Trustee, Partner or as an Advocate.

Organization Leadership

Maria Pia Tamburri

President, Board of Directors (bio)

Charles Adcock

Board of Directors (bio)

William Davis

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Robert Boyd

Executive Director (bio)


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