Sandy Hook Parent Speaks at School Safety Caucus Panel

(New York Times) The country is often reminded of what grief looks like immediately after mass violence. But Newtown shows how mourning evolves and endures years later.

(Washington Post) The Newtown shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary forever altered the way American schools approach safety and assess risk, ushering in an era in which schools feel particularly vulnerable to the threat of shootings and students must know what to do in case one happens.

(USA Today) Alissa Parker, who lost her 6-year-old daughter Emilie in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, believes that American schools operate under a false sense of security.

(the74) At a time of heightened fear of school shootings, a new awareness of the need for safer learning environments has led to a revolution in design, starting with the architecture of the building and grounds.

As school districts across the country provide an effective level of security within budgetary constraints, dozens of new retrofit security devices are being marketed to enhance the safety and security of students and teachers. Although the price tag for some of these security methods may be attractive, there are also significant life-safety implications to consider.

In an automated voicemail left for Valparaiso High School parents on Friday, Principal Reid Amones said school officials had learned of a threat on Oct. 30 or 31.

Studies show that children’s learning improves when they feel both physically and emotionally safe.  Are our codes and standards safe enough?

(Campus Safety) To describe the back to school transition from a school security standpoint, Campus Safety spoke with Kevin Wren, the Director of Risk, Security and Emergency Management at Rock Hill School District (S.C.) and Guy Grace, the Director of Security and Emergency Planning for Littleton Public Schools (Colo.).

( After a 2013 school shooting in Littleton Colorado, the district’s security team had to figure out how to use the funds acquired from a bond initiative the following year. The security team’s journey toward security technology and infrastructure is a good example for other school systems.

( A mass casualty incident leaves many victims in its wake. Beyond those who are tragically killed, survivors also suffer from the physical and psychological effects of the incident. Unfortunately, the psychologically injured can sometimes go unnoticed. One survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 recounts her story of survival and her journey back to recovery.

(Spokesman-Review) Secure Schools Alliance Executive Director Robert Boyd emphasizes the need for both training and adequate infrastructure spending to keep schools safe.

Officials shared perspective on emergency preparedness measures adopted by the state of Indiana for school security in a panel discussion presented by the Security Industry Association (SIA) and the Congressional School Safety Caucus.

(CityLab) Groups are pushing for funding to bolster security infrastructure; some researchers say there are better preemptive measures.

Integrators who are working in or would like to work in the education market can turn to industry associations for help, support and training.

Michele Gay of Safe and Sound Schools speaks at the Congressional School Safety Caucus to raise awareness for more education and funding in school security.

Politicians engage in lot of hand-wringing about secure schools but often overlooked are some effective and relatively easy fixes.

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