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(The Hill) With thousands of school systems implementing a variety of approaches to school safety, there is no shortage of effort, but legislators need to identify and help implement solutions that work.

(Aug. 9) Our own Maria Pia Tamburri moderated a panel at the American Legislative Exchange Council, calling for communities to work together to make schools safer.

School security advocates demanded more guidance from the government as findings of an ongoing study on state school security requirements revealed minimal standards that vary widely (Read more . . .).

(Campus Safety) As security budgets continue to swell in the wake of this year’s horrific school shootings, members of the security industry are pushing for the creation of better support structures for school officials making spending decisions.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A milestone moment for any parent motivated mom Carolyn McGrath to learn more about safety and security at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools: her baby was about to enter kindergarten. McGrath wanted to know: what is the district’s active shooter training policy?

(Door Security + Safety) Balancing a welcoming environment with security measures to protect the school and those inside can be difficult, especially with the startling number of incidents that schools report each year.

(Door Security + Safety) In recent years, dozens of retrofit devices have entered the market with promises of being less expensive, more secure, and easier to procure and install that traditional security hardware.

(Door Security + Safety) December 14, 2017, marked five years since the tragedy at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Conn. That day I lost my 7 year old daughter, Josephine Grace. That day our community would be changed forever.

(Door Security + Safety) Despite the migration of building codes from a patchwork of local decisions to global guidelines, there remains a fragmented approach and a lack of consensus around school security.

(Door Security + Safety) The public school sector has, for the first time in decades, a significant opportunity to secure federal funding for building and modernizing school facilities. But it will take timely and broad-based industry support in partnership with the civic community to make this happen.

(Door Security + Safety) The director of security and emergency planning for Littleton Public Schools explains how PASS standards were used to determine school safety needs, back up proposals, and provide the framework for preparing for future hazards.

(EdScoop) The convergence of technology and physical security systems — and E-rate funds — is giving schools new ways to improve the safety systems used to protect students and teachers on school properties.

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Sandy Hook Parent Speaks at School Safety Caucus Panel

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